Saturday, January 25, 2014

Nursing in Kenya

Here is an acrostic that will hopefully give you a little insight into what the nursing students experienced in Sedai.

Not having enough access to clean water
causes many health issues within the community; trachoma, diarrheal diseases, and skin infections to name a few           
Under tree clinic
We held a mobile health clinic under a tree in the community.  This tree was multi-purposeful during our stay.  It served as our church, shade for our tents, and a place to congregate for group meetings and meals.
Recognizing differences between United States and Samburu health care
Screening men, women, and children for Trachoma
Trachoma is a disease of the eyes caused by lack of facial hygiene. We rolled back the villager’s eyelids, looking for signs and symptoms of the disease. If we found Trachoma, the clinic provided medication free of cost. We found Trachoma in 48% of the children and 13% of the adults.            
We watched the clinical officer give immunizations at the mobile clinic to the children of Sedai, however many mothers did not capitalize on this opportunity even though their children desperately need this protection from disease.
No money for care at Arsim clinic
We witnessed a number of patients receive care at the clinic who were unable to pay for the services.
God’s faithfulness
This was evident in the work of their new clinical officer, the ability to bring healthcare to different villages in Samburu, and the newly functioning water source.

Interruption of outdoor breastfeeding clinic by goats and camels (haha J)
No electricity at the Arsim clinic
The clinic has a number of resources that are unable to be used be because of the lack of electricity e.g. ear light, printer, baby incubator.

Sanitation problems
i.e. goat dung everywhere, lack of clean water, constant contact with animals, and health education needs           
Education needs
The community was lacking in basic health education. They need much repetition and reinforcement in order to take care of themselves and their families.
Defining symptoms
We, as nursing students, often hear clear lung sounds in clinical settings. At Arsim, we were able to hear what actual complications sound like.
Always depending on God
Infectious smiles

The people of Sedai and Arsim brought joy to us through their ever-present smiles in the midst of many healthcare trials.

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